Warranty information Jet BMX Bikes

Find out about warranty information for your Jet BMX bike and parts here. 



If you do experience a problem with your Jet BMX, please contact the shop where you bought it from to claim on your warranty. They will then get in touch with us and we will get your problem resolved very quickly. We hold a stock of spare parts in the UK for immediate despatch.

Important – Please Read:

Warranty only applicable to original owner with proof of purchase

  • Does not cover wear and tear to consumable items like tyres, grips, brake cables, bearings and chains.
  • Does not cover bending or denting of parts, or buckling of wheels, as this is caused by improper use or riding beyond your capabilities.
  • Does not cover misuse such as throwing your bike or riding in to stationary objects.
  • Bike must be assembled by an authorised dealer or professional bicycle mechanic.
  • We reserve the right to refuse warranty if the bike has been ridden above the level of riding for which it is intended. 
  • We may ask for the faulty part to be returned to us at your own expense.